International Recruiting Group "GLOBAL JOB GATE" works in an efficient, comprehensive and fast manner. Wide access to labor markets in Ukraine and other countries in the region allows us to guarantee Employers in Poland and in the European Union successful and profitable employment of workers from the East. Our goal is to assure satisfaction and safety for all parties to the contract. The client is more important to us than the contract provider and the worker is a very important partner, who is aware of their own needs and requirements. Our work and actions are always shaped according to the most important rules of the communication: We listen to understand!



Если вы открываете новый филиал или магазин и заинтересованы в массовом подборе квалифицированных кадров, то мы готовы предложить вам свои услуги.


Рекрутинг включает в себя следующие процессы: профессиональный поиск сотрудников, оценка и подбор персонала согласно требованиям клиента.


Рекрутинг компании работает в нескольних странах. Поиск персонала в каждом отдельном регионе отличается друг от друга.


Применяется для поиска высококвалифицированных специалистов, менеджеров высшего звена, начальников отделов, специалистов узкого профиля, главных бухгалтеров и др.


    • We carry out a complete process of recruitment and induction of the worker
    • Quick and successful obtainment of work permits and visas
    • We offer a training to prepare the worker for an effective, quality job in Poland
    • We run allocation, accommodation and removal projects
    • Constant service for workers from the East in their native tongue (Ukrainian, Russian, other languages) offered by Polish residents
    • Assistance with renting an apartment and placement of workers
  We carry out comprehensive projects and offer full support package adjusted to the needs of the Employer and the Employees. Our process of employing workers from Ukraine in Poland is very well organized.


  • Basic trainings: Occupational Safety and Health, basic rules of working and living in Poland, labor law
  • Development of skills and effective work in Poland
  • Assistance in the process of friendly team building
  • Communicating and consulting in the worker’s native tongue
  • Conflict resolution, mediations
  • Language trainings

RELOCATION AND REPATRIATION – for people with “Karta Polaka” (Polish Card)

  • Development and preparatory trainings,
  • Assistance in the process of relocation and repatriation

International Recruiting Group "GLOBAL JOB GATE" FOR EMPLOYERS:

  • We help define employment requirements – we listen to and analyze the needs and present possible solutions
  • We carry out the recruitment process based on the quality of the candidates
  • We offer consulting and support during the process of induction of Ukrainian workers into the Employer’s company
  • Team building – in Ukrainian language
  • We work in a fast and comprehensive manner – we legalize the workers’ stay as quickly as possible, without unnecessary waiting
  • We handle the entire employment process – from choosing the training to starting to work effectively
  • We organize Ukrainian language trainings to the extent necessary for the Employer to achieve the highest possible level of work effectiveness and quality
  • We care for safety at every step of the process
  • We offer replacements

International Recruiting Group "GLOBAL JOB GATE" FOR EMPLOYEES:

We offer employment in Poland, other European Union countries and in the USA. „People are the biggest value and motivated people satisfied with what they do are the real treasure”. We make sure that our candidates are offered fair employment and are well prepared for living and working in Poland. 10 areas of Employee support:
    • Proper selection of offers according to the employee’s skills
    • Quick and successful obtainment of work permit and visas
    • We offer career development consulting to specialists and professionals in fields such as manufacturing, IT, specialized professions
    • Consulting and assistance during relocation
    • Trainings in labor law and basic rules of living in Poland
    • Legal and organizational help in Ukrainian and Russian language
    • We offer assistance in your native tongue on an ongoing basis – constant help offered by the residents
    • We organize seasonal work
    • Language and development trainings
    • STARTUP School
Our goal is not only to offer one-off employment in Poland, other European Union country or in the USA, but to provide constant development and career support. We know that workers have families and we want to ensure that their gained work experience will benefit not only their families, but also their home countries in the future. Join us and start to develop your career today! Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your expectations.