• We run the recruitment process on the Polish and foreign market according to the ordering party's guidelines
  • We have offices in Warsaw and in Kiev, where our recruiters select the best candidates that meet the requirements and expectations of the labor market
  • We implement projects comprehensively in a full support package resulting from the needs of the Employer and Employees. We have an efficiently organized process of employing employees from eastern markets in Poland
  • We deal with headhunting, we acquire the best candidates for the job directly from the labor market. This service allows you to reach people who are not currently looking for a job. It is highly recommended to clients who want to recruit employees with very rare skills or with specific experience. Headhunting will allow efficiently and most importantly - to successfully complete the recruitment process, in which traditional methods have been ineffective.


  • We help in the process of legalization of employees (statements about the intention to entrust work to a foreigner, work permit, residence permit).
  • Permanent service of Polish residents for employees outside the eastern border in their mother tongue (Ukrainian, Russian, other)
  • We implement projects of allocation, relocation, accommodation - we help in the rental of apartments


OHS training in the mother tongue of an employee (Ukrainian, Russian). We cooperate with the training company.
  • Initial training
  • Periodic training by e-learning
  • Training organized outside of Warsaw
Legal aid product. We work with the International Law Center EUCON
  • Basic principles of work and functioning in Poland
  • Labor law
  • Solving the conflict
  • We work with the European Institute of Personnel Development
  • Support for the "friendly team building" team building process
  • Development of skills and effective work in Poland
  • Training according to the needs of the employer
Language training. We cooperate with the language school
  • Polish language
  • English
  • And other
Voluntary employee insurance. We cooperate with insurance companies
  • access to doctors of various specialties
  • hospitalization
  • compensation for the consequences of accidents
Communication and counseling in the mother tongue of the employee. We are fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English and, of course, Polish.  

International Recruiting Group "GLOBAL JOB GATE" FOR EMPLOYERS

  • We co-create the need for employment - we analyze needs and present solutions
  • We run a recruitment process based on the quality of candidates
  • We advise and support the process of employing Employers of employees from the East
  • We operate quickly and comprehensively - we help in the processes of employee legalization
  • We support the entire employment process - from employee selection through training to starting effective work
  • We train in the necessary scope in the mother tongue of the employee so that the Employer had the highest level of efficiency and quality of work
  • We care about safety at every stage of employment
  • We provide a guarantee as part of good practices

International Recruiting Group "GLOBAL JOB GATE" FOR EMPLOYEES

  • We offer employment in Poland, other countries of the European Union and the USA
  • "People are the most valuable and people with motivation and satisfaction from what they do are a treasure"
  • We make sure that our candidates are honestly employed and well prepared for living and working in Poland
  10 areas of support for an employee:
  • The right selection of the offer to the employee's skills (Career Advisory and Personnel Advisory)
  • Assistance in preparing documents (Statement on the intention to entrust work to a foreigner, work permit and residence cards)
  • We advise specialists and professionals in development - production industries, IT, specialized professions
  • Advice and help with relocation
  • Training in the field of labor law, basic principles of functioning in Poland
  • Legal and organizational help in Ukrainian and Russian (International Law Center EUCON)
  • We support on a regular basis in the mother tongue of employees - constant assistance of residents
  • Language and development training
  • School of STARTUP